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QCCS can build and design specialised precast products for a range of industry applications, from mining to government our team can adapt your ideas to the construction process with minimal turn around. We command extensive experience from one-off solutions to complex construction projects; we solve problems and have the skills to think outside the box.

QCCS can design and develop specific precast products such as building columns, counterweights for equipment, civil construction elements such as retaining wall panels, head walls and service pits.

Panels are supplied with a class one finish to both inside and outside face. Exterior finish can range from painting through to textured finish or exposed aggregate if required. We are able to supply panels with recessed patterns and decorative stamp moulds are available. The inside face can be painted providing a hardwearing durable surface or gyprock can be glued straight to the panel. The finish to both faces of the panels is limited only by the imagination.

Please contact us if you have any queries or would like to discuss the use of panels in any of your upcoming projects no matter the scope. 


General Services: Hay Point

Client: Betchel

General Services: Hay Point Stage 3

Client: Betchel

Civil Construction: Hay Point

Client: G&S Engineering

Civil Construction: Saraji Mine

Client: BMA

Civil Construction: Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal

Client: Vassallo Constructions Pty Ltd

Civil Construction: Crinum North

Client: Garwoods

Civil Construction: Archibald St Paget

Client: Rocla Pipeline Products